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Author Topic: New Release: jQuery Gantt Package 5.0  (Read 2575 times)


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New Release: jQuery Gantt Package 5.0
« on: July 21, 2015, 04:41:55 PM »
The long wait is finally over! We are excited to announce the latest version jQuery Gantt Package 5.0. The wait is totally worth it, as we have packed it with brand new must have features!

  • Gantt using the new and improved VWGrid instead of the discontinued jQuery UI Grid.
  • Support for Task level schedules in the Project Gantt.
  • Support for Resource level schedules in Project gantt.
  • Support for Resource level schdules (per row) in the Resource gantt.
  • Support for the new built-in RQ light-weight binding and templating framework.
  • Auto Scrolling and Paging while moving and resizing task bars.
  • Dependency lines in FlexyGantt.
  • Undo/Redo feature in the ProjectGantt.
  • Ability to Load GanttChart alone without grid.
  • Supported the Background/Foreground Row Template in the FlexyGantt.
  • Auto Render and Size based on Schedule in FlexyGantt.
  • Vertical scroll bar in gantt chart.
  • Support for new context-menu plugin, created based on the new jQuery-UI Menu.
  • Support for jQuery 1.11.2 and jQuery-UI 1.11.2.
  • New samples - FGTaskBarCustomization, FGCustomResourceLevelSchedules, GCCustomAppearence.

Breaking Changes

Unlike our usual releases, we have made some breaking API changes mainly related to replacing the jQuery Grid (which has been discontinued) with our own bigger and better Grid! Changes required related to this is addressed in the document "GettingStarted/Breaking changes in RadiantQ jQuery Gantt 5.0.pdf" in the install.

We are sure you will find these new features a must-have and adopt right away. And we appreciate your continued patronage of our products.

RadiantQ Team