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Author Topic: New Year Release: WPF Gantt Package 8.0  (Read 1954 times)


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New Year Release: WPF Gantt Package 8.0
« on: February 03, 2017, 01:28:59 AM »
RadiantQ is glad to announce the first release in 2017 of our WPF Gantt Package, version 8.0. This version fills enhances our rich feature set with these following new features:

  • Dependency lines with varying row heights in FlexyGantt.
  • Support for connecting tasks and create a dependency line using the FlexyGanttDependencyLineConnectionUtility.
  • OverviewControl - to give you a bird's eye view of your project.
  • Support for VirtualizationMode = Recycling in FlexyGantt.
  • Ability to customize dependency tooltip content through DependencyToolTipContentBinding.
  • Ability to refresh overlapped tasks layout with TasksListControl.RefreshOverlappedBars.
  • Lot of bug fixes.

As always, we are sure you will have a great time working with this new version!

RadiantQ Team