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Author Topic: Brand New Release: jQuery Gantt Package 6.0  (Read 2827 times)


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Brand New Release: jQuery Gantt Package 6.0
« on: October 10, 2016, 10:59:02 PM »
It's our great pleasure to announce our brand new version 6.0 of the jQuery Gantt Package. It's packed with some great new features:
  • Support for dependency lines with varying row heights in FlexyGantt.
  • Support for a detail view (click to show detail) in GanttControl. Illustrated in sample GanttControlDetailView.
  • Added a new ActivityTimeChanging event, which triggers on shifting/resizing the activity in the GanttControl.
  • Added support for multiple selection in GanttControl and FlexyGantt
  • Support for custom templates in Tooltips.
  • Support for SubMenus in the Context Menu feature.
  • Zoom In/Out using ctrl key
  • Undo/Redo feature for Dependecny lines
  • Improved the performance of expand and collpase events.
  • Support for showing the preferred start time in GanttControl.
  • New Print Dialog with even more end-user Customization options.
  • Option to show/hide dependency lines.
  • Support for preventing shifting some task bars.
  • Calling parseJSON with with a "DateProperties" argument to improve performance by specifying the exact date properties.
  • Support for single click edit in the grid using "EnableSingleClickEdit" option
  • Support for saving these states to cookies - Table Panel Width, Zoom level, Expand state of hierarchy.

Breaking Changes

Just one breaking change in our API:

We moved the ExpanderOnclick method from window level to RadiantQ.Gantt namespace so this should be called as RadiantQ.Gantt.ExpanderOnclick(args)

Code: [Select]
<div onclick="ExpanderOnclick(this,event)"></div>   After:
Code: [Select]
<div onclick="RadiantQ.Gantt.ExpanderOnclick(this,event)"></div>

And several bug fixes.

As always, we are sure you will have a great time working with this new version!

RadiantQ Team
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