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Author Topic: Brand New SharePoint jQuery Gantt WebParts Packages  (Read 2932 times)


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Brand New SharePoint jQuery Gantt WebParts Packages
« on: May 06, 2016, 07:17:26 PM »
RadiantQ is glad to announce our next brand new product "SharePoint jQuery Gantt WebParts Packages":

Providing a rich set of Gantt WebParts that can be used with SharePoint 2010/2013/Office 365.

Built using JQuery Gantt controls, this gantt web part makes your SharePoint task look rich and track their Utilization.

Installation of web part solution is provided with two varieties: a) Sandbox solution b) Farm solution
Using Sandbox solution, the user can go for a restricted installation within a site collection. Using Farm Installation, the user can go for deploying the feature in multiple sites (or) for whole farm, with unrestricted.

Key Features:
•   Easily bind the task/resource list’s columns with the gantt using the Configuration Dialog.
•   Fully interactive UI with ability to edit task time and duration and connect tasks with dependency lines.
•   Plenty of Gantt Customization settings in the Configuration dialog.
•   Toolbar features with quick options to: Add, Delete, Submit, Print, Exporting image, etc.
•   Context menu for quick actions on the tasks/resources in the gantt.
•   Read only options are provided to restrict the changes in the gantt.
•   Reorder rows by simple drag and drop.
•   Printing/Export to Image options.
•   Supporting Special lines, to identify project milestones.
•   Critical path analysis for visualizing the critical path in the project.
•   Support for custom Work Time schedules in the project (8X5, 24X5, etc).
•   Customize the columns to be displayed in the gantt.
•   Customize the Chart Time Line Headers to be shown in the gantt.
•   Chart Time Range Highlights to highlight time ranges of interest.
•   6 Different languages are built in, other languages will be supported on demand.
•   Edit Task option to show the Sharepoint task editor dialog.

We hope you will have a great time working with the jQuery Gantt WebParts just like all the rest of our products.

RadiantQ Team