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jQuery Gantt Package / Re: Remove ressourced assign for Milestone and Summary task
« Last post by Rajagopal on December 08, 2017, 07:51:55 AM »

You can handle the editing for any column using "startEdit" function in "GanttTableOptions" when edit of a column starts.

Here is the code usage,
Code: [Select]
GanttTableOptions: {
columns: columns,
startEdit: function (cell, dataItem, column) {
// Check your condition here and return false to prevent the default behavior.
if ((dataItem.activity.IsMilestone || dataItem.IsParent) && column.title == "Resource")
return false;

jQuery Gantt Package / Remove ressourced assign for Milestone and Summary task
« Last post by duyanhth on December 07, 2017, 04:50:21 PM »
I would like to disable resource assigning feature for Milestone and Summary task.
Is there any configuration for this similar as isParentEditable?
Announcements / New Holiday Release: jQuery Gantt Package 7.0
« Last post by ForumAdmin on November 15, 2017, 10:39:16 AM »
With great pleasure we announce our brand new version jQuery Gantt Package 7.0. Here are some great features it's packed with:

  • Improved Gantt overall performance during loading, paging, scrolling, zooming and printing.
  • Angular support with Getting Started samples in FlexyGantt and GanttControl.
  • Added support for 'Undo/Redo' feature in FlexyGantt.
  • Introduced 'TasksTimeTracker' utility to find the earliest and latest times of all tasks in the FlexyGantt.
  • Supported StandardDateAloneFormat in json data like "yyyy-MM-dd" formats.
  • Supported Gantt for latest jquery v3.2.1.
  • Added support for multiple task Indent/Outdent.
  • Introduced 'Export to Excel' feature for gantt table columns.
  • Introduced new gantt option 'ApplySelectionAndHoverEffect' to show and hide row selection and hover effects.
  • Introduced new gantt control option 'IsParentDraggable' that specifies whether parent task bar is draggable.
  • Support for adding a new resource in resource item source at run time.
  • Allowing user to customize TaskEditingDialog feature at the app level using new gantt table option 'customPopup'.
  • Allowing user to refresh a specific gantt row.
  • Providing the option to draw any kind of dependency in FlexyGantt chart.
  • Introduced busy indicator utility for long operations.
  • More custom options while exporting to PDF.
  • Changing the row height at run time in FlexyGantt.
  • Allowing end user to customize color, font-type, font-size of the task bar, milestone, table row and resource text. And also height of the gantt row using color palette feature.
  • Added tooltip on hovering gantt table column header by default.

And several bug fixes.

As always, we are sure you will have a great time working with this new version!

RadiantQ Team

NOTE: Download the latest version here: http://radiantq.com/trial-downloads/
WPF Gantt Package / Re: Fexy gantt scroll postion after reload -problem
« Last post by Rajagopal on July 13, 2017, 02:20:08 PM »

Thanks for sharing your workaround calling SetVerticalScrollPercent in a separate thread. We will keep an eye on this and fix this as soon as we can reproduce this.

WPF Gantt Package / Re: Fexy gantt scroll postion after reload -problem
« Last post by ilkka.paloheimo on July 13, 2017, 07:21:37 AM »
This problem don't occur regularly. We have several users of this program but only few has the problem. It seems to depend on the number of lines and group (in all cases less than140 lines and 3-4 groups). In these cases SetVerticalScrollPercent fails to set the value properly. We discovered that if we create a background thread where we have a short delay before we do SetVerticalScrollPercent, it works. But not in same thread with any delay.

I hope that the basic error could be fixed because the view jumps up and down. So this is a cosmetic problem left.
WPF Gantt Package / Re: Fexy gantt scroll postion after reload -problem
« Last post by Rajagopal on June 30, 2017, 01:22:17 PM »
Hi Ilkka,

We couldn't reproduce the reported issue. We have sent you the reference sample and video to your email. Can you please help us to reproduce the issue in that reference sample?

WPF Gantt Package / Re: Fexy gantt scroll postion after reload -problem
« Last post by ilkka.paloheimo on June 29, 2017, 01:40:17 PM »
I have to come back to this same problem once again.

We have still problems to get scroll bars correctly synchronized when UseChartVirtualization="True"
It do not happen all the time but when it happens it causes a lot of troubles for the software users.
And we have to use Virtualization because of its efficiency.

we tried to correct this as you succeeded earlier.
But as you see SetVerticalScrollPercent fails to set vertical scroll bar.
It is 100 after set ?????

 Here is what we do:

 Private Function GetVerticalScrollPercent() As Double
        Dim p As AutomationPeer

        If ResourceFlexyGantt.UseChartVirtualization Then
            p = If(FrameworkElementAutomationPeer.FromElement(ResourceFlexyGantt.GanttChart.VerticalScrollViewerElement), FrameworkElementAutomationPeer.CreatePeerForElement(ResourceFlexyGantt.GanttChart.VerticalScrollViewerElement))
            p = If(FrameworkElementAutomationPeer.FromElement(ResourceFlexyGantt.GanttChart.VerticalScrollViewerElement), FrameworkElementAutomationPeer.CreatePeerForElement(ResourceFlexyGantt.GanttChart.VerticalScrollViewerElement))
        End If
        Dim chartScrollProvider = TryCast(p.GetPattern(PatternInterface.Scroll), IScrollProvider)
        Return chartScrollProvider.VerticalScrollPercent
End Function

Private Sub SetVerticalScrollPercent(grid As DataGrid, direction As ScrollDirection, vp As Double)
        ' Get the scroll provider of the grid.
        Dim p1 As AutomationPeer = If(FrameworkElementAutomationPeer.FromElement(grid), FrameworkElementAutomationPeer.CreatePeerForElement(grid))
        Dim scrollProvider As IScrollProvider = TryCast(p1.GetPattern(PatternInterface.Scroll), IScrollProvider)
        ' Scroll.
        Select Case direction
            Case ScrollDirection.Up, ScrollDirection.Down
                If scrollProvider.VerticallyScrollable Then
                    scrollProvider.SetScrollPercent(System.Windows.Automation.ScrollPatternIdentifiers.NoScroll, vp)
                End If
                Exit Select
            Case ScrollDirection.Left, ScrollDirection.Right
                If scrollProvider.HorizontallyScrollable Then
                    scrollProvider.SetScrollPercent(vp, System.Windows.Automation.ScrollPatternIdentifiers.NoScroll)
                End If
                Exit Select
        End Select
End Sub

Private Async Sub FillFlexyGantt() ' get data

     vp = Me.GetVerticalScrollPercent()

   read data from Sql Server
   ResevationsItemSource = GetReservations(....
   ' ResevationsItemSource = binding collecton

    ' Check and set the scroll percent to the grid.
          Do While ResourceFlexyGantt.FlexyTable.AsControl.IsEnabled = False
                Await System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Run( _
                    System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(100) ' Give time for view to be updated before resetting scroll bar
                End Sub)
            Dim vp2 As Double = GetVerticalScrollPercent()
            If vp2 <> vp Then
                If vp > 0 And ResourceFlexyGantt.FlexyTable.AsControl.IsEnabled = True Then
                    Dim grid As DataGrid = DirectCast(ResourceFlexyGantt.FlexyTable.AsControl, DataGrid)
                    SetVerticalScrollPercent(grid, ScrollDirection.Up, vp)
                End If
            End If

            System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("Scroll before: " & vp.ToString & " After: " & vp2.ToString)
End Sub

Scroll before: 53.3333333333333 After: 100
Scroll before: 56.25 After: 100
Scroll before: 56.25 After: 100
Scroll before: 53.3333333333333 After: 100
Silverlight Gantt Package / Re: Display one day on Gantt and multiple selection
« Last post by Rajagopal on June 12, 2017, 04:18:52 PM »

1) Please take a look at our "Common\TimeScaleTypeHours" install sample for displaying one day on Gantt.

2) You need to implement this feature in FlexyGantt or GanttControl? And also, could you please elaborate on this feature?

Silverlight Gantt Package / Display one day on Gantt and multiple selection
« Last post by aleksandrat on June 10, 2017, 03:23:42 PM »
Hello All!

In our application we need to display only one day on Gantt without scrolling on the next or previous day. We dont find solution on forums. Is it possible to do on Gantt?

And another question. We need a function, which provide users to select and move left\rigth several tasks at once. Can you recommend how to do it?

WPF Gantt Package / Re: FlexyNodeData.YFromChartTop value = -1
« Last post by ForumAdmin on June 01, 2017, 10:50:15 PM »

When UseChartVirtualization is set, -1 indicates that the row is out of view and not rendered. Do you see any issues with this implementation?

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